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Ashley Hurley


Ashley was drawn to yoga in 2008 after years of running and competing in soccer had taken a toll on her body causing stress fractures, constant knee pain, and overall body tightness and fatigue.  Deciding it was time for a change; she took her first Bikram Yoga class with her sister, who is an advocate of health and fitness through yoga.

Ashley immediately realized the power of yoga in healing and nurturing the body and spirit. She fell in love with this yoga from day one and has been practicing ever since.

Ashley graduated in 2010 from The University of Alabama with a degree in Public Health. Upon graduating she moved back to Florida and took a job in retail which caused even more stress to her body due to long hours of being on her feet all day.  In 2013 she left her retail job for a career in yoga.

Ashley attended Bikram’s intensive 9 week teacher training in Spring of 2013 in Los Angeles, CA and when she returned home to Florida she quickly made teaching Bikram Yoga her full time job.  “My goal as a teacher is share my passion for the incredible mental and physical health benefits that Bikram Yoga offers with all of my students.”

Ashley feels this yoga has healed her body from the inside out and she loves watching others experience the healing benefits as well.
Lisa Franzino : Instructor

Lisa Franzino


She started practicing yoga in Portland, Oregon in 1999 to ameliorate some legacy health issues after her battle with cancer. In 1997, I was diagnosed with stage III cervical cancer and had to undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The surgery left me with lymphedema in my legs (common when cancerous lymph nodes are removed) and scar tissue throughout my intestines causing digestive problems. The chemotherapy and radiation left toxins and low energy and hormone imbalances contributed to high levels of anxiety.


A friend recommended Bikram yoga, which provided such dramatic and immediate relief to these conditions that just over a year later, she quit her corporate job at Intel to go to the Bikram training in LA (spring of 2001). After teaching for a year in California, she moved back to Atlantic Beach, Florida to open and co-direct Bikram Yoga Jacksonville and a studio in San Marco.

In 2005, she passed on the torch of studio ownership and moved back to Portland, Oregon. She resides part time in both Atlantic Beach and Portland where she teaches at Bikram Yoga Jacksonville, Radiance Bikram Yoga, Bikram Yoga Greater Portland and Bikram Yoga Alberta Street.

In part because of past health problems, she bring an empathy and compassion to her teaching that helps others through their own challenges. Her teaching style has been described as motivational but relaxing, thorough but nurturing, and peaceful but INTENSE. She tries to get people to work at their absolute maximum effort, but with control, breath and grace.

When she's not teaching yoga, she's running her 360-degree virtual tour business, Circlescapes. Camera in hand, she travels throughout the Unites States as well as international destinations to work with clients who want virtual tours of their facilities. This has allowed her to practice (and sometimes teach) at many different Bikram studios, which has helped her to grow as a student and a teacher.
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